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7 July 2010

idea 150 cover 3d Tattoo Skulls & Numbers   News


Idea Tattoo 150
July 2010

In this issue: a great special with 73 skull designs. Plus: lettering, gothic fairies, elves and gnomes, bears, the world of King Arthur, hearts, stars, Polynesian style animals and much more!

tribali deltoide 3d Tattoo Skulls & Numbers   News


Deltoid Tribals

160 designs. The issue also contains body position photos bringing to mind the position of this tattoo on the arm. Deltoid tribal is a classic tattoo that we have also seen in an acclaimed film. In Avatar Jake Sully has this tribal tattoo on his right arm icon wink Tattoo Skulls & Numbers   News

08 catanzaro tattoo convention 2010 nl tris Tattoo Skulls & Numbers   News


Catanzaro Tattoo Convention

The first tattoo meeting of the Summer in Italy. First edition for the Catanzaro Tattoo Convention on next 6th, 7th and 8th August 2010.
Tattoo artists, tattoo supply, merchandising, “ink & brush” exhibition, live music, fire-eater and kick boxing performances.


150 1a chicano style by davide zannoni Tattoo Skulls & Numbers   NewsJuly 2010. The Italian edition of Idea Tattoo reaches 150, we celebrate it with designs and curious things!

Curious Facts

Idea Tattoo 150 is also a design special series! Look at the number 150 interpreted in many tattoo styles by 15 artists. Go to the drawings