Tattoo artist gallery: NooN

Noon, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #77


Today we meet Noon, a French artist who interprets the dreams and messages of his tattoo clients using his ink as well as his trademark personality and irony.

«I’m a tattoo artist, but I work exactly like an illustrator. So I definitely have to follow the ideas that people entrust me with and expect from me. I try to simplify the idea as much as I can to tell as much as possible with as little as possible.»

All of Noon’s pieces are minimal and narrative. They tell a story that is partly hidden and partly told through characters with a magical, innocent feel. Noon combines simple, precise lines with texture and geometric shapes that add warmth and originality to the story.

Noon’s stories exist because someone has lived them: «The person getting the tattoo is the fundamental component of that tattoo». The anatomy of each individual client’s body is an integral part of his art: «I really like playing with the body, and the design I’m going to draw has to adapt perfectly to the body. Drawing directly onto the skin is the easiest way to get the result I want.»

Enjoy our gallery of Noon’s work!

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