Tattoo Tartist gallery Frank La Natra

Frank La Natra, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #78

Frank La Natra is an internationally renowned artist who has made cartoon style illustrations central to his work. He skips from traditional to digital techniques with equal talent and can play with or even combine them. His art is full of fusions: a child’s dreamlike vision and an adult’s disenchantment come together, each influencing the other.
Frank not only expresses his creativity using paintbrushes, pencil and a mouse. He also works as a tattoo artist at Eternal Ink Custom Tattoo Studio in Davie, Florida.
This special gallery is dedicated to his tattoos and his amazing talent. As you will see, his characters evoke a conflicting emotions which Frank himself defines as “attraction/repulsion”. They are loud, wild and over the top, so they make us smile but they are also tragic, sarcastic and have a sharp point of bittersweet madness that pierce your heart.

Enjoy our gallery of Frank La Natra’s work!

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Frank La Natra, Into the Woods Gallery
Dania Beach, Florida (USA)