Tattoo Artist Gallery: Piotr Gie

6 February 2015

Piotr Gie, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #81

Piotr Gie works at Rock’n’Roll Tattoo in Dundee, Scotland. His neo-traditional style bowled us over with its vivid colours and subjects.

So what about his technique? Here’s how he describes it: «The world is so colourful and I love illustrating my ideas with a really wide-ranging colour palette. I always start a job in the same way, first I draw all the lines very carefully and add the black and the shading and then the fun really begins. I love colouring, it’s not like copying or transferring ready made colours from the paper. I’ve got “something” in mind, an idea of what a tattoo colour should be like. I mix up the available shades to find a wild, unique one.»

His work often features animals, but he finds inspiration in nature in general, art, people and rap music.

When does a tattooist become an artist? Piotr Gie replies: «If you create something from a doodle, you express yourself in that way. So, really, everything that’s created by human hand, and not in a factory, is something artistic.»

Enjoy our gallery of Piotr Gie’s work!

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Rock’n’Roll Tattoo Studios
Dundee (UK)