Tattoo artist gallery: Pengi

6 March 2015

Pengi, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #82

«Looking for a shop that was interested in me and my vision of tattooing wasn´t easy at all.» 

And so Michael Pengler, pseudonym Pengi, made his debut as a talented young tattoo artist, spreading his ideas around the streets of Hamburg, where traditional style tattoos are a must.

«A solid and technical clean traditional tattoo is for me really mind-blowing and I love it. But in the same way I love tattoos with designs like you never saw before.»

The extraordinary Pengi doesn’t compromise his point of view and his pieces communicate dreams and the desire to make them come true. This is show he describes his style:

«I would describe it as a kind of childbook illustration. But if a customer asks me this question I always answer in short that my style is just „Pengi“.

It´s the hard truth that drawing the design on paper and tattooing the design on skin are two completely different things. It´s a long process to learn what´s possible on skin and even if it looks good on paper doesn´t mean that it works as a tattoo. So when I draw my design I always think about how it will look on skin and how it works.»

Enjoy our gallery of Pengi’s work!

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Pengi Tattoo
Hamburg (Germany)