Tattoo artist Gallery: Ondrash

21 June 2012

Ondrash, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #68

We come face to face with Ondrash: a genuine, down to earth, spontaneous guy who is above all an artist. He lives in the Czech Republic and has just finished design school. He has found that tattooing is the best way to express his constantly transforming creativity. How did you get involved in the scene? Ondrash tells us: «I familiarized myself with the tribal ink tattooing by my teacher – a guy in the punk scene, Vladimir Futak from Knockout Tattoo in Prerov. That time he told me you can draw so you can tattoo too.»

He loves painting with oils and watercolours and can switch from paper to skin without a second thought. He can’t stay still, he loves to talk and to be inspired by what catches his eye. At the moment his work is inspired by street-art.

«I remember years ago, when my friend wanted a ballet-dancer on her leg, I didn´t have enough time for preparing the design and she came while I was sketching basic figures and she said “that’s exactly what I want”… since that time I started to get loose and nothing too static is interesting for me.»

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