Tattoo Artist Gallery: Nuno

18 December 2013

Nuno, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #74

Nuno Costah, a young Portuguese tattoo artist, spends his time in his studio Ideal Tattoo Shop in Maia, Portugal, when he’s not busy with his other artistic endeavours: illustrations, graffiti, music and video-art.

When we asked him “what inspires you?” he answered: «My main sources of inspirations are nature, people, different kinds of lifestyles, different ethnic groups, oriental culture, positive vibrations, music, street art and other free art forms.»

Through his tattoos he makes his passions eternal and lets a childlike positivity which is ahered by all his work shine through. Costah says «I like to work in a very flowing style, mixing colors as if it was watercolour and creating positive illustrations.»

The subjects of his work are mostly people and often portray the family of the person who has entrusted him with to work his creative talent on them. Human figures that, as they pass through his hands, become characters from fairy tales, a parallel, colourful world full of self irony.

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