Tattoo Artist Gallery: Morof

12 September 2011

Article and photogallery on Tattoo.1 Tribal #63

At Moro Tattoo, we meet an Italian artist who has lived in Genoa for the last seven years, and who shares with us his interpretation of the pencil style! [ Pencil Style is reminiscent of the stroke and light and shade effects that are obtained in pencil – NdR]
His subject matter conveys good fun and Morof (the tattooist’s artistic name) manages to turn everything into a comic strip. Life gains colour, as if seen through the eyes of a child and it is precisely this naivity and irony which are the key ingredients in his work.
Morof says “My creative process seeks to cut out too much thought and let the primitive instinct come through more, both in the marking and in the composition. It is a kind of automatic track made up of a tangle of lines, marks, and circles, which at the right moment become a projection of the pure mark.”

A self-taught tattooist, Morof has gathered the secrets of tattooing by using her body as a canvas to study on. The tattooist tells us “Throughout my career I have met good teachers, but as I am self-taught, I got tattoos myself in order to understand things, and this was very important. Every good artist can give you a lot, even just with words. In my career I have seen myself work on my skin first of all, tattooing myself, then my friends and some artists who are now very well-known, such as Valentin Steinmann, Jesus Sayalero, Mike Koren, Noon, Jo Harrison, and I can’t forget to thank all the artists that I have met at tattoo conventions and my extremely precious and magical meeting with Herbert Hoffmann.”

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