Tattoo artist Gallery: Michele Turco

28 February 2012

Michele Turco, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #66

“Da cosa nasce cosa” is the name of the studio di Michele Turco’s tattoo studio, where this self-taught Italian tattoo artist has made the profession his life. Together with his wife Chiara Manzini, who is also a tattoo artist, and his colleagues and friends, he creates a friendly atmosphere to welcome people who have taken the major step towards expressing themselves with a piece of tattoo art.


It is as a result of this relaxed atmosphere that Michele can establish a special rapport with his clients, he becomes almost a confidant or counsellor as he operates the machine is his informal way. Michele tells us: «My job is to transfer people’s emotions onto their skin… so every time they look at their tattoo, they can relive that moment in their life. Every single person is unique and deserves to have a tattoo that has been designed especially for them. What I do every day is translate words and sensations into images.»

He works in the realistic style with an amazingly skilled hand, and pays particular attention to his equipment. «The colours are fundamental, as is the choice of the machines depending on the work you have to do. These days a lot of artists think they are working on a canvas, forgetting sometimes that what we have before us is still skin. It is important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and every tattoo has to be carried out using the appropriate machine settings». After years of experience, Michele has designed his own line of machines and coilPower Liner, Big Magnum and Cut Back Shader – and also distributes Dino Casarin’s Rotary Tattoo Machines.

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