Tattoo artist Gallery: Marco Leoni

31 July 2012

Marco Leoni, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #68

Italian tattoo artist Marco Leoni was an art student who became involved in the tattoo world in the 1980s so he is considered one of the forerunners of the scene. He loves to combine travelling and tattooing: Brazil, the USA, Japan, India, Thailand… wherever he goes he tries to capture the secrets of this magical, ever-popular art. Leoni says: «When I started out there were no machines, no colours, nothing… you had to search for them, you had to travel the world.»

He still tattoos the same subjects as he did then but he is not averse to experiments: «Yes, I have my own style… but more than an artist, I’m a craftsman. When I first started there were no artists, just craftsman who did a good job. If a tattooist is a tattooist he or she must be able to do everything.»

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