Tattoo artist gallery: Marc – Little Swastika

2 October 2012

Article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #69

Marc is a young German tattoo artist who has always been fascinated by ancient tribal rituals. His passion for these ancient forms of expression has over the years fired his curiosity about everything to do with tattoos, and his non-stop research and experimentation with methods, styles and tools to express himself and his ideas using ink on skin.
When asked “who taught you?” Marc replies: « Life, pure and simple. I’m completely self-taught. So I have never had any restrictions. I’ve tried everything and I’ve found out what works best for me. I build my own machines so I have exactly what I need to do what I want to do. »

The main style he uses is dotwork, with amazingly harmonious forms that come to life as a result of his extraordinary ability to arrange the black dots with such precision. The colour arrives like a shot of adrenalin, brushstrokes of enthusiasm making his work unique, especially the big pieces.
Marc says: « I start by creating the piece freely on the skin. I couldn’t say whether the aesthetics or the planning comes first. Everything begins life on the skin quite spontaneously. That’s how I work and my clients like it.. »

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Marc – Little Swastika
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Fürstenbergstr 8, 78345 Radolfzell (Germany)
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