Tattoo artist gallery: Lianne Moule

14 January 2014

Lianne Moule, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #76

“Our artists… See the invisible, create the impossible”
That’s what it says on the facebook page of Immortal Ink tattoo studio in Chelmsford, England. One member of their team creating the impossible is Lianne Moule, a hugely talented tattoo artist.
«When I first started to tattoo I followed conventional methods and it
wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I started to re-invent the way I
worked. I didn’t want to stick to the guidelines, I wanted to do something
different and really had fun with recreating a watercolour onto the skin.»

In fact, Lianne’s tattoos emanate a freshness that takes you by surprise: it’s as if someone has thrown a bucket of colours at you on a hot summer’s day. Realism with a sophisticated charm thanks to the light, volumes and transparencies, as well as the exquisite use of colour that evokes the brushstrokes and expanses of watercolour paintings. And everything is radiant: flowers, birds, insects, faces… even skulls take on a soft, gentle light.
Enjoy our gallery of Lianne Moule’s work!

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Lianne Moule – Immortal Ink
Essex (England, UK)