Tattoo Artist Gallery
: Julia Rehme

Julia Rehme, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #80


Julia Rehme is a German tattooist with her own studio in Berlin.
She loves using her ink and machines to develop new shapes and shading with a delicate yet decisive technique. We were curious and asked her to tell us about it.
«The watercolour effect comes through soft colour shadings in defined and undefined shapes. My work is characterized by the mix of strong black shapes or sketchy lines with soft floating aquarell elements. At this time my style is turning more abstract. »
In her work, the classic becomes innovative. She takes inspiration from nature, using drawings as the basis for her work, while working free hand for bigger challenges.
«I like it when a person comes with a proposal for a tattoo and I can link the person and the design emotionally. I also like challenges, bigger abstract motives or amazing animals can also make me take on a project. »


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Berlin (Germany)