Tattoo Artist gallery: Jessica Mach

25 January 2012

Jessica Mach, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #65

At the Nevada Johnny tattoo studio in Berlin we found the artist Jessica Mach, a new talent who has only been expressing her creativity through a tattoo machine for three years now.
Her work looks like a patchwork, cleverly combining differently sized subjects to obtain a harmonious, lively, colourful effect.
Jessica: «The most mentionable thing about my technique is the way I do the design. I use all the materials I find in my workroom; all kind of pencils, brushes, spray cans, paper clippings, my computer, my own photographs, even the rest of the coffee in my cup. The picture grows in the process, most of the time I don’t have a complete picture in my head beforehand. After this procedure I only “copy” myself by doing the design again on someone’s skin. I learned to draw in a tattoo-able way, so most of the time I think already how I will tattoo the piece when I do the flash.»

A self-taught tattoo artist, Jessica captures her passions in her work. Everything around her can become a source of inspiration. She loves nature and animals, she likes to observe and listen: «I want the customer to work his head a little bit for something that will always be a visual part of himself. So I try to figure out the character of the person, his feelings he wants to put in the tattoo.»

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