Tattoo Artist Gallery: Emre Cebeci

2 November 2011

Article and photogallery on Tattoo.1 Tribal #64

Emre Cebeci is a young Turkish artist who uses every piece of his work to describe his passions, experiences and precision. His motto is: it isn’t important what you do but how you do it.
His father, Selim Cebeci, is a painter and his mother, Zerrin, an illustrator. Emre tells us: « Tubes of oil paints, turpentine smell, gouache paint, photography, art movies and music surrounded me since the very beginning of my existence.»
So he was born into art, and with a prodigious creative and visionary vein. You just have to look at his work to be captivated: the grace and harmony of the lines and his impressive lettering work, which goes beyond aesthetics and turns every script into a scene, a magical vision, a mandala.

Thanks to his passion for fine arts such as calligraphy and miniatures, which has a long history in Turkey, Emre has found his own path. « Both, calligraphy and miniature had grown my vision. The traditional arts discipline, the power of fiction, the craft aspect and the mythological and cultural mysterious side connected with tattooing and influenced my techniques in particular for lettering tattoo and painting
Take a close look at his work, nothing is left to chance!

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