Tattoo Artist Gallery: Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #79


From Israel to Berlin to learn the art of tattooing. Chaim Machlev does not have a typical artistic background. He studied IT and psychology and had no plans whatsoever to become a tattoo artist. In fact, he was quite anti-ink. That was until he got his first tattoo at Tel Aviv studio Psycho, and it was love at fist sight. Chaim felt a deep, spiritual connection with the art form from the beginning. He told us: «I started to see it in my dreams, every person that I saw I thought about lines that go through their body and how interesting it could be to actually be a tattooer that decides which lines flow better for an individual body».

Now you can find him at Dots To Lines in Berlin. He only uses black ink, because Chaim says it’s the only timeless colour. He draws his designs on a computer and they are painstakingly planned for his clients’ bodies. He is inspired by nature to combine lines, dots and any other geometric forms in complete harmony.

This was his message for all Tattoo.1 Tribal fans at the end of our interview: « if I could manage to be a tattoo artist that people actually travel to get tattooed by, then really, everyone can be whatever they want, you just have to dream and to fight for it. Actually if you are not fighting for your own dreams, what will you fight for?».


Enjoy our gallery of Chaim Machlev’s work!

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Dots To Lines
Berlin (Germany)