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Sean Herman

15 June 2011

Sean Herman, in love with tattooing


Sean Herman is a young American tattoo artist.
He is 28 years old and lives in the city of Daphne, Alabama (USA) where he also works, at Royal Street Tattoo studio.

He started 7 years ago at Aerochild Tattoo in Birmingham, observing and learning to tattoo from Kele Idol and Justin Kont.
The artists who have influenced him most and altered the way he sees the art of tattooing are Joshua Carlton and Famous Gabe (@ Hula Moon).

Sean is highly energetic and says that the secret of his success is working hard, learning new things each day and developing all the time.

He is particularly precise in the creation of his artwork and devotes the necessary time to each dot. For him it is fundamental to listen to people who choose to get a tattoo by him: they must be satisfied and be able to look at and love their tattoo for the rest of their life.

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