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Osa Wahn

29 August 2011

The art of tattooing and painting
(article and photogallery on Tattoo.1 Tribal #62)

Together with her father, Osa Wahn runs the Shocking City studio in Vienna.

She is a tattoo artist, with the emphasis on artist.
Osa Wahn mixes the art of tattooing with the art of painting and uses colour with a technique resembling impressionism, cubism and symbolism, but she has a genuine spirit of innovation and shines in her own right.

Influenced by painters such as Picasso, Beksiński and Malczewski, Osa became interested in art while still a child. Her father, Waldemar Wahn, taught her to use a tattoo machine and Osa began tattooing at the age of 12.

Her main source of inspiration is nature.
Osa tell us: « Climbing mountains, going deep into woods, and watching animals and birds give me great ideas for future pictures. »

She loves painting on canvas, but it is on the human body that her art really comes to life.
Osa tell us: « The third dimension is what makes tattoos interesting to me. I can use the shape of the muscles and the body movement… much more fascinating than it would be on flat and motionless canvas. »
That’s the reason why she always draws the sketch directly on the skin.

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