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Alex De Pase

16 September 2010

Alex De Pase is an Italian tattoo artist who specialises in a particularly “painterly” realistic style. His amazing work have made him famous al over the world. He is 34 years old and has been tattooing for 20 (professionally since 1997) and lives in Grado, a small city near Gorizia.

The most important contributing factors to his career are his dedication and focus on capturing the essence of things. According to De Pase creating realism in art is all about technique and complexity, but also sensitivity, interpretation and skill in perceiving colours, light, depth and detail. The experience of every artist is projected into his or her work and injects a particular atmosphere onto the tattoo.

The first tattoo he did on himself was a tiger, while the first tattoo he ever did was a heart with dagger and snake, for an old friend of his.