Passion Art Tattoo Convention 2018 Bolzano

18 June 2018

Idea tattoo pagina Bz 2018..jpg 283x640 Passion Art Tattoo Convention 2018 BolzanoBolzano Tattoo Convention will take place at Sheraton MEC Meeting Event Center in November 3rd and 4th: two days dedicated to the art of tattooing, with tattoo artists available to the public.

Passion Art is a new generation and high quality Tattoo Event, a meeting point between tattoo artists and interested public.

The Tattoo Convention, at its sixth edition, is an event for everyone: you can choose from more than 75 artists present in the convention and get tattooed on site.

Inside the event there is a bar and restaurant to enjoy moments of rest.

The event will open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00.

Join the artistic world of tattoo and, with or without tattoos, enjoy every special moment. An exciting skin art program with tattoo contest, body and face painting, shows, music and show performance will liven the two days of the convention up.

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