Tattoo Drawings – Pin-up

Belonging to the wider area of traditional tattoos, pin-ups deserve their own explanation. They are the protagonists of a huge number of tattooed works of art and have always been incredibly popular with men and women.

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The explanation is simple: they represent femininity and are sexy without being vulgar – they are beautiful to look at and to wear. Pin-ups owe their fame to celebrities such as Betty Page, who in the 1950s opened the doors on a cheeky style halfway between innocence and eroticism, based on a game of “now you see it, now you don’t”.

Rounded forms, like those which were so in vogue at the time, wavy hair modelled on the typical hairstyles of the period, bikinis or tight-fitting dresses with striking high heels and above all a cute yet provocative pose. These characteristics define pin-ups and make them immediately recognisable.

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Pin Up, the beauties of the Tattoo