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Written tattoos are taking the world by storm. They are one of the most popular tattoo themes at the moment and yet, creating beautiful, perfectly formed letters is tricky, even for the most experienced tattoo artist. The art of calligraphy cannot be improvised, it must be studied and practised. It is absolutely essential to reach a certain quality standard in this genre when learning the art of tattooing, because the result becomes a permanent mark on the skin.

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Contemporary scripts

Italic letters are the ladies’ favourites, while striking gothic characters are the most popular style for men. Lately there has also been an increase in the use of original fonts to make your written tattoo even more personal.

Getting a tattoo of the name of someone dear to you, or a phrase, is an immediate way to make your thoughts eternal. Emotions and moods are translated into words and they are there, ready to remind you of a special time in your life.
The first thing anyone who sees such a tattoo will do is read what it says. But what is more important: the words themselves or the style they’re written in?

Letters or words tattooed onto the body express a specific, personal declaration more clearly than any other kind of tattoo. So, as well as the names and initials of loved ones, people get tattoos of complete phrases and sometimes even quite long texts. Almost as if they were written reminders to keep on you at all times!

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