Drawings Tattoo – Geisha

A typical graceful and sensual Geisha has a white face resembling a porcelain mask, and red-stained lips.
The tattoos in our gallery show this symbol of femininity in her traditional outfit of kimono, wooden clogs and complicated hairstyle adorned with precious clips.
The geisha is an artist, an entertainer, a skilled dancer, singer and poetry reader, a figure that is key to Japanese traditions.
It was around the 18th century that the first displays by geisha women took place at important parties, taking over a role that had previously been carried out by men. The women soon replaced the men entirely thanks to their extreme elegance and beauty.

The tattoos featuring geishas include some with gory images where their face has been pierced by arrows or daggers. There are no records of beheaded geishas in Japanese tradition, yet this could be a reference to what happened to samurai warriors in battle.

Beheading an enemy and being able to show his head as a trophy to one’s Lord was considered one of the greatest honours a soldier could achieve in battle.


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