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Angels have always been a well-loved subject among tattoo enthusiasts and are equally popular with men and women.

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Perhaps this is also because humans have always been fascinated by flight and angels have, like birds, an essential prerequisite for flying: wings.

A symbol of freedom and the ability to elevate oneself, to go above and beyond earthly things, wings represent the determination to overcome the human condition. The iconography of wings and winged creatures is a part of many religions and can be found in several cultures. Synonymous with both physical flight and spiritual elevation, wings are often associated with knowledge.

If we explore the word “angels” in its various translations, we discover that the terms malakim (Hebrew), angeloi (Greek) and angeli (Latin) have the same meaning: messengers, envoys and mediators between God and the world.

In the Holy Scriptures the Ten Commandments are transmitted by angels, who guide the Lord’s people, announce births and callings, and assist the prophets.

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