Your new tattoo

4 May 2010

If you want to get a tattoo, it is important to know how to choose a design and a style that feel right for you. Whether you have chosen the subject for your tattoo after careful consideration, or just a moment of fatal attraction, when you actually get a tattoo you are aware of making a permanent mark on your skin. And you can do it again and again, whenever you want. But each time it’ll be forever!
So let Tattoo Ideas give you a hand!
The aim of our magazines is precisely to help you make a choice – inspiring and informing you so that you can face the beautiful, highly emotional experience of getting a tattoo in full consciousness and at complete ease.
With us you can find a tattoo subject or style to represent you and discover its meaning too. You can find out how to look after your new tattoo, take a closer look at the world of tattoo artists and get to know the tattoo world.
Our goal is to accompany you in the choice of your first tattoo or help you on your way to getting the next one. For this reason, our magazines Tattoo Ideas, Tribal Tattoo 1 and our tattoo specials are fully of carefully selected designs, photos and subjects that aim to meet your heart’s desire, seeking to respond to your questions, and give you all the necessary information to ensure you make the best choice.
A tattoo enthusiast can never be too well informed so as well as our magazines, dedicated exclusively to tattoo designs and photos, we have also set up this website, full of articles, images, news and products all about tattoos. Browse our in-depth articles and discover all about different styles and what the most popular designs actually mean, discover our specials on lettering and tattoo traditions, new tattoo trends, photos of tattoos and previews of the tattoos published in every new issue.
At you will find magazines, designs, photos, information, advice, events, a calendar full of tattoo conventions around the world and much more besides.
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