Tattoos go 3D and become jewellery

29 April 2010

People who get a tattoo do so in order to fully and personally express their most intimate, unconditioned and original side. They do it to bring to the surface a belief or feeling, to show their opinion… almost always in an aware and mature way, to reinforce their identity and mark their passage into adulthood.

tatuaggio gioiello noor Tattoos go 3D and become jewellery

Tattoos have been around since antiquity and been practised in various parts of the world, accompanying us at every stage of our lives through to the present day. Now, more than ever, we can express ourselves using different tattoo styles, from Old School to New Skool, Tribal to Lettering

On the wave of this current trend, expert tattoo artists are becoming more and more skilled at relating to their clients who commission them to decorate their body with small works of art. The designs are created with painstaking attention to detail and are recognisable as a strong, personal print, which is often realistic and three-dimensional. They express both the idea of the person who chooses to get the tattoo and the creativity of the artist who carried it out.

From here came the inspiration to transform a tattoo and its style into a piece of silver jewellery, while maintaining all that it represents. Designs of subjects were drawn to express a particular, positive symbolism underlining the uniqueness yet also the universality of the inner self of people who choose them as an expression of their originality. Now the designs have become reality, from the fusion of the noble metal comes the form, a piece of jewellery created to become one with our body, whose curved lines it follows, developing attractive relief patterns that reflect the light to create fascinating light and dark effects.

A silver tattoo that you can wear to express your own personality and preciousness.

Antonio Severini