Tattoo Tribals

8 August 2012

tribals tattoo Tattoo TribalsMany populations use art to express themselves, tell their story and narrate their culture. Dance, music, painting… and the moko, which for the Maori is equally as important as the haka. The moko is their facial tattoo, which indicates the social rank someone belongs to.

Although the peoples of Oceania have the same cultural, linguistic and artistic roots, the differences between them are expressed through the art of tattoos.
New Zealand: Maori tattoos are mainly made up of characteristic spirals.
Marquesas Islands: the tattoos cover the whole body, with large areas completely filled in black to represent the night.
Samoa: the tattoos usually extend from the waist to the knee.
Hawaii: the most common tattoo designs in Hawaii are geometric decorations with triangles, diamonds or squares that together form chequered patterns.

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