Tattoo Summer 2010. Tattoo Conventions Tour Guide

5 August 2010

tattoconv200 Tattoo Summer 2010. Tattoo Conventions Tour GuideAugust 2010. Tattoo meeting on the beach for a summer holiday in Italy.

In the first weekend of August you can visit two tattoo conventions, one in Liguria and the other in Calabria both at sea!

From Friday 6th to Sunday 8th of August first edition for the Tattoo Convention of Catanzaro, also known as the city of the two seas and the capital of the Calabria region.

The event takes place in Catanzaro Lido and hosts some of the best Italian tattoo artists.

From Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th of August Sailor Tattoo Convention in Sestri Levante, nice sea town in Liguria. The event’s motto is “Pin-ups and sailors, it’s your moment!”, it hosts an exhibition of original tattoo flash sets and a tribute to Sailor Jerry, the American master of the old school tattooing style.

TATTOO IN EUROPE: from 6th to 15th of August 2010

Others tattoo events during the first and the second weekend in Europe:

- 2nd Cambrils Tattoo Convention (Spain), 6-7-8 August

- 3rd Starfire Tattoo Weekend (Austria), 6-7-8 August

- Tattoo Jam 2010 (England), 6-7-8 August

- 2nd Danzig Tattoo Convention (Poland), 7-8 August

- 2nd Norwich Body Art Festival (England), 14-15 August

- 3rd Tattoo Convention Rostock (Germany), 14-15 August

14th Tattoo & Piercing Meeting Vianden (Luxembourg), 14-15 August


In late August the appointment with body art moves to Sardinia, Italian Swiss and Romania.

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of August third edition for Cagliari Tattoo Convention in Cagliari, the capital of the island of Sardinia (Italy) having one of biggest ports in the Mediterranean sea and an international airport. This event hosts over 120 tattoo artists and piercers.

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of August, 12th edition of the nice Ti-Tattoo Convention of Lugano, event appreciated by tattooers and visitors both for its confidential and relaxing climax. The city of Lugano lies at the edge of its lake and is surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape.

In Eastern Europe, again from 27th  to 29th August, first edition of the Bucharest Tattoo Convention in Romania, a great opportunity to discover the best Romanians tattooers and their wonderful technical skill in realistic tattoo.


In early September, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th, we’ll be back in the Italian Riviera for the fifth edition of the Genova Tattoo Convention in Genoa, in the centre of the old port, near the famous Aquarium. The event as always is dedicated to Italian tattoo scene.

From Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of September first edition of Italian Tattoo Artists in Turin (Italy). This is the largest tattoo event dedicated to Italian artists: more than 60 are the tattooers already confirmed, with important names internationally known as Alex Nardini, Enrico Gambini, Claudio Pittan and “Tom Tattoo” Buglioni.

TATTOO IN EUROPE: until 5th of September 2010

Others tattoo events in Europe until the first weekend of September:

3rd Bregenz Tattoo Convention (Austria), 27-28-29 August

Stockholm Ink Bash (Sweden), 27-28-29 August

3rd Tattoo und Piercing Show Kassel (Germany), 27-28-29 August

5th Assen Tattoo Convention (Netherlands), 3-4-5 September

4th Castellon Tattoo Convention (Spain), 3-4-5 September

16th Guadalajara Tattoo Convention 2010 (Mexico), 3-4-5 September

- 5th Reutlingen Tattoo Convention (Germany), 3-4-5 September

- 2nd Lübeck Tattoo Convention (Germany), 4-5 September

- 11th Paderborn Tattoo & Piercing Messe (Germany), 4-5 September