Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVI

19 May 2010

Tribal Tattoo Magazin 19 DE cover c 452x640 Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVIWho’s that blonde tattooed girl on the cover of Tattoo.1 Tribal 55?
Her name is Miss IVI, she is a pin-up model and a professional piercer. Do you want to know her better?
In this interview she tell us about herself and her love for tattoos.

miss ivi foto extra 447x640 Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVIIDEA TATTOO: Miss IVI, can you introduce yourself to the friends of Idea Tattoo?

Miss IVI: Hey Idea Tattoo Team !
My artist name is Miss IVI and now I live since 4 years in Switzerland. I have a tattoo and piercing shop together with my husband, The Flying Dutchman Tattoo and Piercing.
I love:
my family, my husband, my friends, modeling, Pin-ups, Tatt2s, Piercings, oldtimer cars, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, James Dean, cookies, dresses, chucks and high heels, bling-bling, Quentin Tarantino films, my hamster called Pip, sushi, Thailand, Japan, the Netherlands, patatje oorlog [Dutch seasoned chips], sun, Alice in Wonderland, cherries, red finger nails, red lipstick, rock’n’roll music, punk rock music, water > the sea, beach, strawberry cakes, and so on… and so on…

IT: In your logo there are two little hearts on the small letters “i” of “Miss” and “Ivi”. Are you romantic?
Miss IVI:
Yes, very !

IT: You work as piercer but you are still a pin-up model.
Miss IVI:
I am not only a pin up model, I love every kind of pictures, but important is that they all have a high quality and estethic. I love the time of 40s and 50s and the art and way of sex appeal and the funny way of life.

IT: In all your photos you seem so natural, nice and friendly, and some of them are funny shots. Why do you like this form of expression?
Miss IVI:
I like it, because it`s my normal way of life, it`s who I am! icon smile Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVI

IT: Let’s talk about your tattoos. When did you get your first tattoo and how did you become involved in the tattoo scene? Your first tattoo is still visible or do you cover it up with something?
Miss IVI:
I saw a lot of tattooed people, and I loved them, so I also decided to have tattoos. Yes, I get my first tattoo 12 years ago and it’s still here and a part of my life.

IT: You inked on yourself a large collection of Japanese and traditional style tattoos.
Miss IVI:
They are my personal Favourites of Tattoos. I love these styles.

IT: There is a small cake tattooed on your ring finger. Do it symbolize something? Is it an inusual wedding ring?
Miss IVI:
That’s for my Love for sweetness! icon smile Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVI

IT: Tell us something about the artists who have done the work.
Miss IVI:
I have tattoos from my husband Herke (The Flying Dutchman Tattoo, Switzerland) and then from Kelu (Germany), Rode (Germany) Kristjan (Germany) and from the oldest and loveliest man Herbert Hoffmann.

IT: How did you choose the tattoo artists?
Miss IVI:
Quality, and Harmony between me and them.

IT: Do your tattoos have a particular significance for you, apart from their aesthetic value?
Miss IVI:
Yes, all are a part of my life, they tell stories, and represent things that I very like.

IT: What are you looking for when choosing your subjects?
Miss IVI:
How my feelings are, the things I like, looking for the right subjects at the right time with the right artist.

IT: We have seen dermal anchors inside some of your tattoos. Have you many piercings?
Miss IVI:
I have more then 10! icon smile Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVI

IT: Your partner is a tattooer. How you met him?
Miss IVI:
I used to be one of his customers, I really wanted him, so I seduced him! icon wink Tattoo Cover Model: Miss IVI

IT: As woman, how can you define the life with a male tattoo artist?
Miss IVI:
It`s definitely not like a normal relationship. It`s a special way of love, life is never boring with these crazy guys.

IT: You and your partner have a tattoo & piercing shop in Naters, Switzerland, it’s named The Flying Dutchman and the setting is an amazing inspiration from the pirate’s world. Why this love for pirates?
Miss IVI:
Because my husband is a Dutchman and he travelled so much, it used to be his nickname, and we both love pirates and the old style…

IT: Who is the pirate, he or you both?
Miss IVI:
He, definitely.

IT: Tell us something about the tattoo and piercing scene in Switzerland.
Miss IVI:
It is good and a few of the world’s best tattoo artist live and work here.

IT: The trip of your dreams?
Miss IVI:
A world trip.

IT: Your favourite tattoo artists? Apart from your partner of course.
Miss IVI:
Sabado and Genko, Shige.

IT: Your next tattoo?
Miss IVI:
Legs, rips.

IT: Your website opens with a saying by Gandhi:
To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul. »
These words represent you?

Miss IVI:
Yes, I am what I am! And that’s great!

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