Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo

3 May 2013
Sebo 150x150 Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo

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What inspires your art?
Many things, like CD covers, t shirt designs, things I watch on TV or see around me…

How did your passion for tattoos first start?
Since I was a young kid I was always drawing a lot, I started with comics, comic strips, and graffiti sketches… when I was about 15 or 16 years old some of my friends got tattooed by a real good artist near my hometown, and when I saw those pieces I knew that I wanted to become a tattoo artist! From that day on I started to draw the first tattoo sketches for some friends of mine, a few months later I got my own first tattoo, and my first tattoo machine…

Can you briefly describe your technique?
I was a little bit bored of all the “rules“ in tattooing, what a picture has to look like… so I started thinking about what I could do better, or not the “traditional“ way…

Are there tattoo artists that you consider your teachers or major influences?
Of course there are a few who influenced me in the first few years, I think everyone needs someone as an “idol“ in every kind of art… but for a few years now I’ve tried to not look at any works by other artists, so that I can create my own form of art without any influences from other artists…

How long have you been doing this work?
For about seven or eight years now

Who taught you?
I started working and learning at mystery touch tattoo, where I still work today, we are nine artists working here together, and of course you can learn a lot when you are working together with nine artists every day! icon wink Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo but I also learned a lot while travelling, on conventions, while doing guest spots anywhere and talking a lot with the artists there…

How much does the person asking for the tattoo influence your creation?
Most of my customers just come to the shop and say: you can tattoo whatever you want… for me the best way to work on customers is when I know the people a little bit from some sessions before, know what they like and how they think.. then it’s easier for  me to create something for them when they have no idea what they want.. the easiest way is when they come with a spoken idea, and I can create it out of my mind…

What was the first tattoo you ever did?
I think it was a sacred heart on the chest of one of my best mates, it looked horrible… icon wink Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo I did a cover up on it a few years ago icon wink Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo

And what was the first one that you got on your own skin?
My first tattoo was a cemetery around my wrist, also covered now icon wink Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo

What are you working on now?
A lot of cool pieces icon wink Tattoo Artist Interview with Sebo today I’ll start a new chest piece with a dragon… I’m already excited about what it will look like J

What is your philosophy?
Live and let live

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