Tattoo Artist Interview with NooN

8 April 2014

NooN, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #77
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What inspires your art?
My art is inspired by my everyday life and the love I want to see in it. But it is also inspired by all the art that surrounds me, the people I meet, my friends, family,… Almost everything can really be a source of inspiration…

How did your passion for tattoos first start?
It started long time ago when I was a child… For as long as I can remember, I was always interested in tattoos.
For example, when I went to the beach with my parents, my only interest was in watching the tattoos that the guys were showing off… By chance, also, the tattoos were everywhere around me in my everyday life at that time. And that is why, my main interest was to learn how to do that, and I did that really, really young.
It was really the beginning of a life of passion for tattoos…

How important is the design on paper and how is it different on the skin?
I never draw anything on paper first.

Can you briefly describe your technique and how it has changed over time?
My tattoos are mainly based on the line… I draw every tattoo direct on the skin. There are many reasons for that.
First, most of the time, I have never seen my customer before and I do not really know what he looks like so it is really difficult to prepare something in advance.
The second reason is that I really like to play with the body and that the motive I will draw needs to fit their body exactly. So, drawing on the skin is the easiest way to reach this aim.
For the drawing, I try to simplify the idea as much as possible in order to communicate the maximum with as little as I can… This will be the main line and the skeleton of the finished tattoo. And when the lines are inked, I can start with the finishing as a normal tattoo…
I like to use texture and pattern… I have developed a lot of personal techniques for that. I use them to make a “light” finish that does not eat the line, trying to maintain the drawing as the focus of the final visual design.
Basically, that is my process..

Are there tattoo artists that you consider your teachers or references?
I was really inspired from the beginning by the work of Bugs and Xed Lehead, and also by my friends Lionel (out of step) (we started tattooing at the same time…) and Yann (Black), who we met a couple of years later.

How long have you been doing this work?
I have been tattooing as a professional since 1996 but I really got into my world around 2002.

How much does the person who asks for the tattoo influence your creation?
100% percent… This is the main part of the tattoo. As a tattooist, I work exactly like an illustrator… so I really need to follow the ideas that the people give me and what they expect from me.

What’s the most enjoyable part doing tattoos? And the most boring?
Let say the drawing… I do not think that there is any boring part

When does a tattooist become an Artist?
With sincerity, maybe…

What is your philosophy?
Basically I really try not to think of the tattoo as a job… That helps me to go forward all the time without worrying about time or money pressures.

Noon (France)
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