Tattoo artist interview with Julia Rehme

16 July 2014

Julia Rehme, article and photo gallery in Tattoo.1 Tribal #80

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What inspires your art?
Nature is a major source of inspiration. All kinds of animals, plants, flowers or even micro-organisms can lead to creating a new design. But also in daily life I tend to discover patterns or forms in things that can seem banal at first sight.


How did your passion for tattoos first start?
I had my first tattoo after a distinctive experience in life, almost parallel to that I started to learn for myself.


Can you briefly describe your technique and how it has changed over time?
The watercolour effect comes through soft colour shadings in defined and undefined shapes. My work is characterized by the mix of strong black shapes or sketchy lines with soft floating watercolour elements. At this time my style is turning more abstract.


How important is the design on paper and how is it different on the skin?
The drawing serves as a working base. Depending on a person’s body, skin and personality it can change quite a bit. With bigger projects I seem to design more freehand.


Are there tattoo artists that you consider your teachers or landmarks?
I learned from several people. However, the most important things come from experience.


How long have you been doing this work?
Since 2010.


How much does the person who asks for the tattoo influence your creation?
I like it when a person comes with a proposal for a tattoo and I can link the person and the design emotionally. I also like challenges, bigger abstract motives or amazing animals can also make me take on a project.


What’s the most enjoyable part of doing tattoo? And the most boring?
Sometimes I enjoy the creative part the most, sometimes the manual labor.


When does a tattooist become an Artist?
When he or she can create a distinct emotion or atmosphere, evoke certain feelings, which is noticeable in all his or her work. This is not only defined by the artist but also by the viewer.
Of course technique is the base for creating art.


What is your philosophy?
As a tattooist? Never stop learning.

Berlin (Germany)