Maori - Polynesian Tattoo

5 May 2012

maori polinesiani tatuaggi Maori   Polynesian TattooEven more well known is the Maori tattooing tradition where the typical designs, which highlight the curves and shapes of the human body and are much more than simple decorations.
The tattoos that Maori men wear on their faces are called moko. They are not free to choose their own tattoos but each mark is an important part of a sort of individual “map”: it indicates their membership of a family and a social rank, their life story, personality and actions. When women have a moko on their chin, the tattoo indicates their relationship with a Maori warrior.
Although Maori tattoos are popular at the moment, you should think of their art as a form of culture, not just a beautiful decoration. Tattoo artists who specialise in tribal art can explain the meaning of Maori symbols and help you to choose the best design for you.

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