Old school tattoo - sailors' tattoos

9 September 2012
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Tracy Demetriou, Haunted Tattoos, London (UK)

This gallery is all about “sailors’ tattoos”.
The pioneers of Old School tattoo style were none other than sailors who learnt about the art of tattooing during their travels around the far east.
Getting a tattoo before going to sea became a good luck ritual for them.

The american tradition of Old school tattoos feature distinct, simple lines and are predominantly black.
The few other colours used are high impact, bold yet flat, without any shading or highlights.

Some of the most popular old school tattoo subjects are symbols of life at sea: ships, anchors, swallows, mermaids and nautical stars, as well as sacred hearts, cherries, dice and daggers.
A tattoo of a sailing ship can represent crossing a difficult period in one’s life, a physical or emotional journey which has to be faced with bravery.
With her captivating feminine beauty the mermaid symbolises the strength to withstand life’s trials and tribulations.
The anchor represents stability and steadfastness.