New Tattoo Ideas, the one and only!

29 April 2010

ideatheonly New Tattoo Ideas, the one and only!Get this! As of the April edition New Tattoo Ideas (issue 137) will be on sale! This long-standing magazine dedicated to tattooing styles is now new in every way possible: we’ve renewed the graphic design, made it more modern and vibrant and on the cover we’ve highlighted what was, until now, virtually hidden: the word IDEA for the Italian edition and IDEAS for the English edition.

So when you stop off at your newsagent’s don’t just say «give me a magazine on tattooing »: say: «can you give me the magazine TATTOO IDEAS?».

TATTOO IDEAS: just the way you like it
Tattoo Ideas is the first and the only magazine dedicated to tattoo design, an Aladdin’s cave of ideas! Even before we’d decided on the new logo together with our creative team, we knew we wanted the focus on those ideas. Michele Vancini – the graphic designer who, together with Gianni Dall’Osso and Gabriella Fabris, puts the magazine together each month – has come up with new graphics that we have all found to be splendidly fresh and sparkling.

So now, readers around the world, it’s your turn: let us know what you think of the new Tattoo Ideas!

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