Keys and padlocks, love tattoos

31 August 2012

love tattoo 150x150 Keys and padlocks, love tattoos

Keys and padlocks are two classic traditional tattoo themes, which are often completed in Old School style,but there are also new interpretations influenced by the meeting between various cultures.

They represent the perfect love pairing. The padlock is adevice that can only be opened using its specific key, so it is a symbol of possession and reciprocal loyalty. These tattoos can be done on couples: the same for each partner or the padlock for one and key for theother. While we’re on the subjectof love and soul-mates, these tattoos are often accompanied by a heart – sometimesthe actual padlock is shaped like one – and initials.

But it is not only love that can belocked away, some people keep a secret or a promise safe. The padlock can be seen,therefore, like a barrier we put up against others, a form of protection for all the feelings and ideas we want to keep private. If on the other hand you feel the need to share your desire, your tattoo will be an open padlock.

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