Cherry blossom tattoo

5 July 2012

tatuaggio fiori di ciliegio Cherry blossom tattooThe tattoos in our gallery (Tattoo.1 Tribal 64) show blossom from the cherry tree called Sakura.

Sakura is an Asian ornamental variety, which is smaller than a fruiting one but with flowers twice the size.
This floral subject is a popular tattoo because it encapsulates elegance, fragility and sweetness. In China cherry blossom is in fact the symbol of female beauty.
In Japan it represents happiness, affection and love. But it is also used as a metaphor of life’s fleetingness.
The delicate and fragile cherry flowers bloom for just a few days. We often find them associated with the life of samurai and Japanese soldiers who fell in battle and were swept away by death, like cherry blossom petals in the first gust of wind. Cherry blossom opens up all at the same time and are so impressive to look at (just like the samurai in their armour) they want to leave a permanent mark of their existence (honouring samurai actions) which, however brief, can leave a strong impression with its grace and beauty.
So a cherry blossom tattoo reminds us that life is beautiful but brief and we must live it as fully as we can, while respecting our values and ideals.