Biomechanics tattoo

29 August 2012

tatuaggio biomeccanico  150x150 Biomechanics tattoo
Metal bones, mechanisms moving below the skin, stretchy membranes, pipes and veins which combine to create a bionicart-form: this page is dedicated to all fans of science fiction and biomechanical creatures.
Hans Ruedi Giger, the Swiss painter, illustrator and designer,created the art of biomechanics, and famously won an Oscar in 1980 for the best special effects he created for the film Alien.

Most biomechanical tattoos are in fact inspired by his work.

This genre, with its dark, disturbing, sometimes desecrating images, was most successful in the ‘80s and ‘90s but it never fails to make an impression… be it good or bad.

Are you ready to fuse your muscles with “organic” machines?

These are shockingly beautiful tattoos which make expert use of light, colour and perspective to make it look like you can see under the skin and observe the genetic evolution of the human body, in an indissoluble fusion with mechanical parts.