Battle of tattoos at Wimbledon 2009

29 April 2010

London, June 24: China’s professional tennis player Li Na faced a battle of tattoos in the second round at Wimbledon. She faced Belarussian Olga Govortsova who has three stars tattooed on her inner left forearm.

wimbledon tattoo Battle of tattoos at Wimbledon 2009

Li has a design etched on her chest – something which was not universally well received in her homeland, where tattoos have long been considered taboo.
However, though tattoos are growing in acceptance in China and Li has finally become comfortable showing it off on the tennis court, Wimbledon is turning out to be an ordeal by courage for her.

Li has been one of the most successful tennis players in her country’s history, and has been instrumental in advancing the sport within China. At Wimbledon she shows her tattoo for the first time.

«So many people ask me about my tattoo» Li said.
«It’s a rose with a heart. I’ve had it eight years now. Before, I always wore tape, I didn’t want to show the tattoo. In China, if they see people have a tattoo, they only think maybe she’s not so good a person.»

But after her sportswear manufacturer said they had no problem with her revealing it, she decided to take the plunge and be positive about showing it off.
«But the next day after I showed it for the first time, in China, they said I have a tattoo of a snake!» the 27-year-old said.
She added: «Also, my husband, he doesn’t like it. I said I have tattoo and he said no, don’t make a joke. For one day, he didn’t talk to me.»

She said might get tired of seeing it, in the meantime the photos of Li & tattoo on Wimbledon’s playing field are making the rounds of the world.

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“Li braced for battle of tattoos”
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