Asian style tattoo gallery

15 June 2012

Ganesha CeciliaReinoso web 150x150 Asian style tattoo gallery

In the Tattoo.1 Tribal n.67 gallery we show you a series of tattoos inspired by aspects of Asian culture.

In classic Japanese style there are koi carp tattoo, cherry blossom tattoo, geishas and samurai warriors tattoo, waves tattoo, dragons and Hannya tattoo.

Hannya has a pair of large, sharp horns, a mouth which is always open in a sneer and blinding eyes. The mask comes from Japanese Noh theatre.

Two of the most common Asian spiritual and religious figures in the tattoo world are Buddha and Ganesha. It is said that Buddha was reluctant to accept the use of his image, because he did not want to be worshipped. Nonetheless, Buddhists see it as a representation of calm, peace, purity, gentleness and wisdom.

Ganesha is a Hindu god with an elephant head. He helps people overcome obstacles and represents wisdom and prudence.