Are you a professional?

4 May 2010

Keeping up to date makes all the difference in the professional tattoo industry. Over the years we have become more and more aware of the professional needs which are part of the work of a tattoo artist and in every issue of our magazines we aim to satisfy the needs of professionals by selecting designs and styles which satisfy their needs, publishing useful information and promoting essential events for anyone who wants to expand their skills and their business.

The dedication and work we put into every issue make our publications indispensable in the search for a tattoo subject; we offer designs you can be inspired by or use to help your customers make their choice. That is precisely why as well as Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo.1 Tribal, which put together subjects and photos of tattoo designs on various themes, we also produce special publications each on one single theme, including the most popular tattoo subjects, which are not necessarily always the most readily available, as well as more specific, unusual ones.

The design flash, photo, artist and “professionist” specials make up an impressive reference library of inspiration for tattoo artists and are already organised into subjects or styles, therefore aiming to make the slightly uncreative job of cataloguing easier for you.

Flicking through designs and photos a tattoo artist can very easily discover and show his or her clients the various possible ways to interpret every tattoo style. Titles such as Fairies and Elves Tattoo, Little Stars Tattoo, Tattoo Body Tribal, Japan Tattoo, Lettering Tattoo, become essential additions to your tattoo studio, to help you in the choice of a design; and with Angels & Fairies Tattoo Photos, Stars & Sun Tattoo Photos, Butterflies & Swallows Tattoo Photos you can easily find and show your clients what their chosen tattoo will look like when finished.

To help you develop as a professional we have created special collections, dedicated to the best tattoo designers, such as Mauricio Tattoo volumes 1 and 2, The best tattoos of Luca Tarlazzi, The best dragon tattoos of Guido Baldini and the exclusive, limited edition TATTOO PROFESSIONIST titles (with spiral binding to make it easier to refer to when working on the tattoo), only available through our website, which put together tattoo favourites such as: religious tattoos, tribal animals, carp, skulls and snakes.

As members of the Tattoo Ideas team, after many years of work in this field we are sure that through our magazines we offer a useful service to all tattoo professionals. At we also aim to make it easy for tattoo artists all over the world to access our products, via an online store which is clear and easy to use. In addition, the website publishes the most important news from the tattoo world, such as up to date information about hygiene and looking after a tattoo and a full calendar of events detailing all the most renowned and important international tattoo conventions.