Alle Tattoo @ Palermo Tattoo Expo

17 July 2014

palermo alle Alle Tattoo @ Palermo Tattoo ExpoTattoo Ideas, media partner of Alle Tattoo and Palermo Tattoo Expo 2014, returns to Sicily for a new Guinness World Record 2014 attempt for the “Longest Tattoo Session”.

On 10 October, during “Palermo Tattoo Expo 2014”, Alessandro Bonacorsi, AKA “Alle Tattoo”, will attempt to achieve his umpteenth Guinness World Record for the world’s longest tattoo session. Alle has set himself an unprecedented challenge: to tattoo non-stop for 48 hours. Once again all the proceeds will go to charity.

We at Tattoo Ideas will keep you up to date throughout the summer with detailed information and fun facts. We’ll also be there for the entire length of his record-breaking attempt.

He will start at 3pm on Friday 10 October 2014 at San Paolo Palace Hotel, via Messina Marine, 91 – Palermo.

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