A record-breaking tattoo artist

28 October 2010

Alle Tattoo’s Guinness World Record attempt.

The challenge: to achieve the Longest solo tattoo session in the World and as a result enter the prestigious Guinness World Records.
It has been laid down by the Italian tattoo artist Alessandro Bonacorsi, also known as Alle Tattoo, owner of the studio of the same name in Soliera, near Modena (Northern Italy).

Alle Tattoo Soliera Modena Italy2 A record breaking tattoo artistThe tattoo marathonto break the current world record starts on Saturday 30 October and ends on the evening of Sunday 31 in the presence of an official judge from the Guinness Book of Records.
It is taking place in Modena at the 17th edition of Nissan Skipass, the Show dedicated to tourism, winter sports and freestyle events.

Alle Tattoo, how did you come up with the idea for this world record breaking attempt?

I like the idea of pushing boundaries and going further than anyone else. It’s also a way to enable my presence to help those in need: the proceeds from the tattoos will go to charity.

- What’s your goal?
The current record is for 24 hours, I want to tattoo non-stop for about 30 hours, 36 at the most!
The aim is to beat two records. On Friday 29 October the challenge is to do at least 10 tattoos in 1 minute.
For the Long Session on Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, the time rather than the number of people tattooed is the key. I’m aiming to tattoo about 15 people, doing small and large tattoos.

- Will a Guinness representative be there?
There will be two timekeepers and two judges there the whole time. Then on Sunday 31 October a Guinness World Record judge will come directly from London to confirm and announce the new record.

- Will you have any breaks?
The rules allow a 10-minute break for every three hours of tattooing, and they can be accumulated.

- Why have you decided to undertake this challenge at a sports exhibition?
Because the art of tattooing is closely connected to the world of sport, especially extreme and freestyle sports. What better occasion than Nissan Skipass? What’s more, the proceeds from the tattoos will go to CIP, the Comitato Italiano Paralimpico [the organization which promotes, regulates and manages sporting activities for the physically disabled – ed.] which has always been present at the show.

- Will you be tattooing throughout Skipass, in the evening and at night too?
Yes, of course! We’ll be there with our stand from the beginning to the end of the event, so from Friday 29 October to Monday 1 November. In particular, the “tattoo marathon” starts at 3pm on Saturday 30 October and goes on non- stop until Sunday evening.

- Who will the last tattoo be for?
I think I’ll be the last to go under the needle.

- Have you considered the risks, especially for the tattoos you do towards the end?
I’ve been tattooing for many years now. If I start to feel really tired, I’ll stop so nobody will be at risk. Perhaps the only real danger is that I’ll have to close the studio on Tuesday so I can have a rest.

- How have you prepared physically for the challenge?
Just the same way I always do, I don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t do any kind of drugs. My preparation is my lifestyle.

- What are you going to eat?
Light things which are quick and easy to eat, like fruit and almonds. I don’t have much time so I can’t waste it on food!

- How will you overcome difficulties such as cramp in your hand?
I don’t think I’ll have any major problems, since I’m ambidextrous. If my right hand hurts I’ll use my left, as I’ve already done on many occasions. I use my right hand for the outlines, edges and fine details and my left hand for filling in and shading.

- What if you get sleepy?
I don’t sleep very much at all anyway, no more than a few hours a night. Basically I’m just one of those people who doesn’t need much sleep to feel rested.

- How have you organized your tattoo marathon?
It was hard to choose between all my clients who wanted to take part in the challenge. My assistants have prepared a list of appointments so there’s a well-organised programme.

- Is there a particular order for the subjects? Do more complicated tattoos take priority?
No, not at all, there are no easier or more complicated jobs.

- What is the atmosphere like in your studio with this world record attempt coming up?
Everybody who works with me has put in a huge effort, in particular Mi, Sarina and the Big Family. On top of that, there has been a really enthusiastic reaction from our clients and all our Facebook friends at Alle Tattoo Fans Club. Everybody has promised to come to Nissan Skipass to support me.

- Have you informed the media about the challenge?
Yes, they’ve all been informed. There will be more than 180 media representatives at Nissan Skipass this year and the event is followed by the most important local, national and international media organisations.

- What will you do if you break the record?
I’ll celebrate with my Big Family, and the week after I’ll go to the Florence Tattoo Convention getting back to my usual lifestyle of tattoo machines and travel.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors for their faith in us and their financial support (and we’ve had a lot of expenses I can assure you!!), as well as our suppliers, Lauro Paolini and I Max, who have very kindly provided the tattooing materials.

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