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In the world of symbols wings not only represent flight, but are the best possible representation of freedom.
This meaning is an archetype, like an ideal, “innate” model, which we have always carried inside ourselves. Wings belong to all winged creatures, they are a divine attribute and can be an ideal, spiritual gift for human beings.

Angel wings by Andrea Blanco
Tribal wings by Danilo Sini
Angel wings tattoo by Stex

All kinds of wings are associated with a particular figure or area, for example angels are a symbol of elevation, demons represent extreme rebellion, fairies represent dreams and fantasy and dragons are a symbol of primeval strength.
The ideal of freedom is, in any case, common to all kinds of wings and winged creatures.

Angel Demon Wings tattoo by Massimiliano Mariani
Angel demon wings tattoo by Max Rambelli
Angel demon wings by Francesco Rosalbi

In an even wider sense wings represent spirituality, thought and imagination. In fact, it is said that imagination “has wings”, thought “flies” and the spirit “flies freely” towards eternity.
According to Plato wings are a symbol of intelligence, while Rig Veda said that « intelligence is the swiftest of birds ».
Ingenuity, fame, glory, words and vital strength or vigour also have wings (in fact to “clip somebody’s wings” means to weaken them or take away their strength).

Wings have always represented the elevation towards the sublime, a leap which transcends and overcomes the human condition and in general any kind of stagnation and invariability.
Wings are movement, dynamism, travel, dreams, joy, liberation, elevation and the ability to transform oneself, from a caterpillar to a wonderful butterfly.

Celtic wing tattoo by Francesco Rosalbi
Indian wings by Danilo Sini
Angel wing by Placido

Ideas have wings too.
Our imagination allows us to “fly” wherever we want, for example through thought we can be near to people we love, even if they are far away; we fly into the past when we remember a moment in our lives, and into the future too, when we make long-term plans or cultivate an important dream.

Thought and imagination transport us wherever we want, into a world of sensations and emotions which then create, in a material sense, our reality. And spirituality, the “feeling” that we are connected to the whole universe, makes our way of life joyful and share in everything, so our “spirit flies” and makes us feel more alive than ever.

Mystical wings tattoo by Danilo Sini
Butterfly wings tattoo by Nahuel Loscerbo
Butterfly wings tattoo by Blanco and Alvarex

Anyone who gets a wing tattoo always has a special reason. That is because this symbol does not represent a memory to treasure but instead the drive to ascend, be alive and free, to dare, go higher and be pure and happy.

Wings can be tattooed in many different ways: on the back they can be as large as angel wings, or smaller, just covering the shoulders. Some people get wings tattooed on their upper arms, ankles, lower back, chest, or wrists… any part of the body can have wings with a tattoo!

Dragon wings tattoo by Luca Tarlazzi
Fairy wings tattoo by Emanuela Bello
Phoenix wings tattoo by Luca Tarrlazzi

A wing tattoo design can range from a great variety of symbolic figures: angel or devil wings, dragon or bat wings, butterfly or dragonfly wings, fairy wings, skeleton wings made up of bones only, Icarus’s wings which have been broken and torn by his fall, phoenix wings with the feathers catching fire…

Winged star tattoo by Carlo D'Alessandro
Winged mail tattoo by Mary Tiussi
Immortal wings tattoo by Luca Tarlazzi

This tattoo subject can also come in a great variety of styles: from tribal to bio-mechanical, Japanese to traditional (in its two artistic paths – old school or new school, according to one’s personal taste), from fantasy to realistic, without forgetting wings with initials, a script or associated with other symbols such as stars, the heart or the face of a loved one.

If you are looking for winged inspiration, Tattoo Ideas 157 features a huge special on this theme with 78 new designs of wing tattoos… you just have to decide which pair fits you!

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