Tattoo Flash – Horror

In the middle of a moonless night, amid the darkness and silence… you’re walking through an old, abandoned cemetery, maybe it’s a dream… maybe the wind is playing tricks on you. What’s that noise? It must be the trees, the leaves… or is it footsteps?

But if your eyes are wide open and there’s no wind, well, if I were you I’d start running. It isn’t the time or place to bemaking new friends, unless you’d like to get to know a zombie or a vampire!

Joking aside, you might like to take inspiration from your dreams (or nightmares) and get a “scary tattoo”, which doesn’t follow rules, it’s just the fruit of your inspiration.

Any gory or frightening image, taken from film or literature, can be turned into a horror tattoo.

And as with all tattoos, if it’s done with skill, whether in black and grey or colour, even a horror tattoo can become a genuine work of art. With an added dimension, it should provoke a feeling of terror in anyone who looks at it!

If this is the genre for you, you’ll find a whole lot to inspire you in our gallery.

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