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31 January 2010

For the most ancient cultures, the eye was a symbol of clairvoyance and divinity, as well as a sign of regeneration.

In the tattoo world the eye plays a hugely symbolic role too.

occhio_tattoo.jpgSymbol of clairvoyance, the eye is the bearer of light and revelation, in fact it is said that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” because they inevitably reveal our feelings and true intentions.
In addition, the eye has protective powers. Another expression states that through Divine Providence, God keeps “a watchful eye” over his creatures.

An ancient symbol of God, along with the hand, the eye represents the presence of the divinity in the universe. Surrounded by rays it represents the divine sun and eternal light.
Included in a triangle it is an all-seeing eye: within this image it can represent the eye of God, but it is also a symbol used by the Freemasons and the Illuminati and can be seen on one-dollar bills in the United States.

The emblem of the eye, like that of the hand, precedes the Christian era and comes from Mesopotamian cultures, in particular Egypt, where it was the hieroglyphic of divinity. In hieroglyphics the eye is the verb ir, in other words to see, but it also contains the meaning to create.

The eye of Horus or Ra, the falcon-god which represents the Sun, is a magical sign, the symbol of regeneration, which the Egyptians placed inside the bandages covering the body of the deceased, as well as depicting it on amulets and relief, engraved and papyrus artwork.

The typical design, which we can also find reproduced in many present-day tattoos, shows the eye of Horus with an eyebrow above it and a spiral below it. In this case the eye represents the eye of the Sun while the spiral symbolises the universal motion which animates all the forms of the universe, from the tiniest cell to the largest constellation.


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